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Surely just what the alienated Western mind needs right now. Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation , Recommended astrology books Tagged with archetypal astrology , archetypes , astrology , astrology book recommendations , Chart interpretation , cultural history , depth psychology , planetary cycles , Richard Tarnas , the case for astrology. April 16, Leave a comment.

More than any other astrological text over the last thirty years, this book has continued to provide me with astrological wisdom and insights that no other book can match. But this is hardly a complaint! This makes a refreshing change from much astrological literature that deals only with famous people, or people with severe problems of one kind or another. The chapter on Saturn is excellent, particularly the journey of Saturn through the twelve houses. Show any year old with a bit of self-awareness the section featuring the Saturn return, and watch their reaction as they read!

This book is not only full of essential contemporary astrology; Arroyo also draws on his considerable experience of other tools for spiritual and psychological growth. Like nearly all of his books, still a modern classic. Filed under Astrology and birth chart interpretation , Recommended astrology books Tagged with astrology , astrology book recommendations , Chart interpretation , classic astrology , How to read a birth chart , personal development , psychology , Stephen Arroyo.

March 17, Leave a comment. An unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

Taylor Swift was born on 13th December in Pennsylvania, where she grew up on a Christmas tree farm. The ambitious and conservative Capricorn rising chart below is the one most commonly used. There is some doubt about the 8. Her Sun sign is fiery, optimistic and enthusiastic Sagittarius but Earth and Water are the strongest elements. The large number of Cancer-Capricorn oppositions indicates strong motivating conflicts — between home and career, romance and cynicism, and other challenges.

At its best, an unaspected Sagittarian Sun possibly 12th house, serving the collective is free to shine out in a truly unique and visionary way. The unconventional, humanitarian love nature of Venus in Aquarius is also largely unaspected there is a wide-ish sextile aspect to sexy Mars in Scorpio — again showing potential free self-expression but possible difficulties with inconsistency.

A close novile minor aspect 40 degrees, 9th harmonic between the Sun and Venus indicates joy, peace and a sense of completion. Everyone born in has the Capricorn Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction in their chart, with varying degrees of strength and importance. Many astrologers have written about this and the so-called Millenial generation, with a focus on those born around the late eighties and early nineties. Taylor has a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the sign of Cancer, signifying her warm, kind and emotionally generous side. She is well known for her supportive and nurturing attitude towards many of her fans.

The Music Genre That Will Touch Your Heart, According To Astrology

Interestingly, a quick look at the Cancerian USA chart for 4th July shows a strong compatibility with America as a whole. A candidate for the President of the United States one day? Stranger things — much stranger — have happened. Between and , she laid the foundations of her career in Nashville, as Saturn moved over her Cancerian planets.

The musical and lyrical style of country music fits the sign of Cancer perfectly — sentimental, traditional, romantic, with an emphasis on home and family values. In August — at the time of a karmic Saturn transit to her natal Sun — Swift successfully countersued a former radio deejay she had accused of her groping her in My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard. Therefore, I will be making donations in the near future to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.

The latest album Reputation has put her closer to the sales figures of Pink Floyd and Madonna, right up there in the big league. Saturn entering Capricorn for shows some serious challenges, a heavy time with hard work ahead. This is a crucial time in her life. A single pass Saturn return over her close Saturn-Neptune the reality of her ideals conjunction in late December to January will be a major personal and career re-assessment.

Good luck to her! March 6, Leave a comment. The film Arrival appeared on mainstream cinema screens towards the end of last year and has been widely acclaimed as the best science fiction film for many years. It has been both a critical and commercial success. There is an unusual depth and intelligence throughout, as themes of love, grief, memory and the passing of time are explored.

What does it mean to be human, what is our purpose? The film is nicely paced, the award-winning music is suitably haunting, there is often a sense of magical wonder. Leading actress Amy Adams is outstanding. Amongst many other things, it explores the idea that language determines thought and perception.

The concept of linguistic relativity has been linked to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, first published in by linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf. That if we can simply see clearly enough, all conflicts give way to harmony. After a brief but important introduction, the film begins in the style of many other science fiction films about aliens landing on Earth. The spaceships hover in twelve locations around the world and there is worldwide panic as humanity wonders what to do next.

Some strange sounds are recorded at the spaceship that has arrived in Montana and the American government calls on linguistics professor Louise Banks Amy Adams and theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly Jeremy Renner to lead an investigative team. To the accompaniment of a drone that would not be out of place in a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony, Louise and her crew make their way down a tunnel in the nearest alien spaceship.

This begins a series of attempts to communicate with the Heptapods, as the aliens become known. They are more interested in visual communication rather than sound. As a person learns the alien language, their perception and experience of time is altered. For astrologers, this is where it starts to get really interesting.

In reference to the twelve spaceships, we have already been told that the twelve fit together to form a whole. The aliens now gradually begin to communicate by drawing a series of circular puffs of smoke in mid-air, each of them containing specific visual blobs that carry highly complex information. These circular patterns bear a striking resemblance to horoscopes, both visually and in their function.

The alien language of the Heptapods is nonlinear, with no beginning or end — the whole of a particular sentence or idea is communicated at once, not in a progressive order. The past, the present and the future are presented as one. Louise and her team set about examining the meaning of the circles, as do investigative teams in other countries.

Problems emerge when different conclusions are drawn about exact interpretations of one particular message. Researching on the internet, I have not been able to find any acknowledgement of astrological knowledge in relation to the film or the original story.

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It has been suggested that the alien circles may have been inspired by a Zen calligraphic symbol. Presumably, the number of striking similarities to astrology must therefore be a co-incidence. A visual language based around circles and symbols, a language that communicates complex information and changes our perception of time, a language which when learnt can change our experience of what it means to be human in the world. That certainly sounds familiar to serious astrologers!

See this excellent film and draw your own conclusions, or lack of them. October 23, 3 Comments. As both a fan and musician, I have had more than a passing interest in progressive rock prog rock or prog for the last forty years. As an astrologer for the last thirty years, I noticed some time ago that Aquarian and Uranian themes are very common in the charts of many progressive rock musicians and that the whole musical genre is essentially Aquarian-Uranian in nature. From the often original and experimental nature of the music, to the eccentric musicians themselves, to the frequently intellectual lyrics in search of the truth.

Not all Aquarian and Uranian musicians are prog rockers and not all progressive rock musicians have Aquarius or Uranus strong in their charts but the link is there. Progressive rock gradually evolved out of the late s, beginning with the more experimental sides of the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys and others. There is an overall concept, a colourful album cover — a piece of art in itself — and an extraordinarily wide range of musical and lyrical influences.

By the s and the likes of Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes having established themselves, progressive rock had emerged as a subgenre in its own right. By the fall of autocracy was on the rise and hate on the offensive. Despite the efforts of Bards throughout the country, Donald Trump ultimately ascended to the office of the Presidency via a campaign of garish misogyny and race based grievances.

Purusing his YouTube channel, it appears that Carter has pivoted from his more politically oriented, Occupy Wall Street era musical projects into selling sports supplements and providing life success tips. The forces that have mobilized to oppose the alt-right eventually must connect with at least a portion of those disaffected males if they hope to turn back the tides of fascism. Image: U. Air Force Pararescue, found via YouTube. Like their animal symbol the crab, Cancer Suns often identify with the creatures of the seashore.

Like their animal symbol the horse, Sagittarius Moons must roam free in the great outdoors if they are to feel themselves. Expansive, explorative, and extremely concerned about the welfare of others, this pairing is one part Den Mother Cancer , one part Super Crusader Sagittarius. To illustrate: using the day of its activation as its date of birth, the U.

The Astrology EP | Matt Wang

Most Cancers stay close to home, this one prefers to make its home on the range. In addition to its sense of humor, this pairing is often profoundly sensitive Cancer to issues of right and wrong Sagittarius. To illustrate: using its premier date as its date of birth the film Universal Soldier is a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Moon. Chart The film stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren as soldiers who killed each other in Vietnam only to be reanimated in the s as part of a Pentagon program to develop zombie like super soldiers.

Their programming is designed to wipe their memories clear but like all Cancers, this one never forgets. Chart A Navy Seal during the Vietnam War, Ventura famously went on to become a professional wrestler, movie star, and politician. For instance, in this interview with Larry King he explains that 1 in his opinion Guantanamo Bay is the U.

Ventura starting at Cancer is considered the comedian of the zodiac while Sagittarius is known for its outrageous proclamations. More recently, he appeared on the Alex Jones show to discuss the presidency of Donald Trump. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page. Combine the highly social, smoothly diplomatic ways of a Libra Sun with the covert instincts of a Scorpio Moon and you get a person who can thrive in artistic or social ventures Libra that require the native to walk through the valley of death Scorpio.

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A article in the New York Times explains how he did this:. However, more than a few will find their lives characterized by subtle Libra layers of intrigue Scorpio not totally different from those described above. Libra, the sign of social justice, is at its best when reconciling divisions between people. Ecologically, Scorpio is the energy of the composting process in which old death is transmuted into new life. Given the epidemic levels of death, decay, and social division now plaguing America, a Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon such as Snoop could be quite effective at navigating the current political landscape.

However here is a video of an older-and-wiser Snoop Dogg discussing politics with Larry King and doing so with both smooth aplomb and a tangible air of gravitas:. Jimmy Carter, the only U. Source Despite their radically different external appearances, Carter and Snoop actually have quite a few things in common. Carter got his start in government as a young naval officer navigating the clandestine underworld of the s submarine wars.

Snoop got his start in music as a young rapper navigating the clandestine underworld of the s gangster rap wars. Both involve deadly underworlds where deciphering friend from foe and up from down requires deftly honed sensitivities — which is exactly what the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon person is in possession of.

People remember Carter as the kindly peanut farmer president but the reality is he was as tough a customer as they come. Take a look at the calm Libra intensity Scorpio emanating from his eyes during his days as a young submarine warfare officer. Carter told it like it was in regards to the geopolitics of U.

At its most effective expression, the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon individual can remain calm and diplomatic Libra during times of intense crisis and change Scorpio. He can be reached for questions, comments, or consults at his contact page. Chart Rousey is the blonde seen ramming her head into her opponent in the below video. You tackle problems with great gusto. A friendly egomaniac, you want the best for everyone and are prepared to fight for it. You might have noticed that Under Armour, Superman, and Ronda Rousey are each known for showing up to their jobs in underwear.

Source That a legendary innovator would be an astro-twin of Under Armour makes sense when you peep some of the freakishly innovative technologies that the company has pioneered:. According to Wikipedia:. Actor Richard Dean Anderson, best known for portraying Richard McGyver , a character who could generate shock and awe with little more than paper clips and sticky paper, is also an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon. Contact Matt Savinar for a consultation. Using its premier date as its date of birth the new political comedy series The North Pole has its Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo the journalist and its Moon in Aries the warrior, the activist.

Tightly written and smartly edited, each 8-minute episode packs a precision calibrated Virgo series of punches Aries Moon likely to have audiences laughing, crying, tweeting, and sharing:. By day she is an unassuming science teacher Virgo hamstrung by school budget cuts, by night a Black Panther descended activist Aries endowed with the street smarts of a Furious Styles and the single mindedness of an Ellen Ripley.

A big time local condo developer is also involved, making it reasonable to suspect the deployment of the all-seeing GMO eco-trees is actually stage one of a well planned search-and-suppress, seize-and-destroy operation. Otherwise the reality of its medicine stellium in Virgo might be too acerbic to handle. However, it was launched as Venus planet of love and money was moving towards a conjunction with the North Node destiny in Leo bright lights and big hair, celebrities and spotlights.

Read More. Air Force Pararescue, found via YouTube Like their animal symbol the crab, Cancer Suns often identify with the creatures of the seashore. Ventura starting at Cancer is considered the comedian of the zodiac while Sagittarius is known for its outrageous proclamations.

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