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  1. Daily horoscope for Monday, February 18, 12222
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Today, the force is with you. Well, at least part of the force that deals with being a smooth talker, says Ganesha. It is your power of expression that comes to the fore and stands you in good stead. Having mastered the art of communication, you now are a wizard of words who conjures showers of pearls with a mere twist of the tongue. When in doubt, people will simply walk up to you for some inspiring talk, and go home satisfied.

Daily horoscope for Monday, February 18, 12222

Take a break today, says Ganesha. Replace the mundane with something exotic. Attend private dos and social meets and be gregariously gregarious. Ganesha says that there are chances that today you might start some long-pending renovation project for your house.

More Horoscopes for Aquarius

You may decorate your home with new paintings and items. There may be guests over in the evening that will make you very happy.

You may also go out for dinner with your family and friends or, more probably, with your sweetheart. The target is locked in and the arrow is shot. It is only a matter of time before Cupid celebrates and hits the bull's eye and you find yourself in the mush of things. Sentiments and romance will be the order of the day.

There is a good chance that marriage proposals or new relationships will find their footing today, says Ganesha.

February 18th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

Time to open up that can of confetti at the workplace today. Success never smelled sweeter. But you may bleed on the purchase front, says Ganesha, as in your revelry, you may just unknowingly end up shelling an extra buck or two on ordinary items. You will have heard of many emotional fools who let sentiments rule their lives. Try not be one of them, and if it's too difficult a task, at least pretend not to be one of them, for Ganesha says going by your feelings can leave you at a low ebb.

In other words, your feelings can come in the way of your success. A solution to this problem is to remain dispassionate and let the opportunist think you are a hard nut to crack. You plot and plan well today! A lot of your time, energy and money may go into less productive activities. But the quality of your work will near perfection.

February 18th Element

Keep it up, says Ganesha, it is this creativity which gives you an edge over others. A hectic day of socialising awaits you. You will discover hidden talents and unnoticed traits about yourself. Either that, or whoever brought them to your notice was only lying to get some socialising action of their own.

You are a person of action, as well as of words, and hence, will go on to act on what you have planned, says Ganesha. Follow us on :. Every day comes with new obstacles and challenges. Being prepared for what future holds is always better. Know the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign for February 18, Saturday. These services are for entertainment only.

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Mars puts you in an adventurous mood and love that was sliding into routine is rescued by new ideas. Mars is on a quest to find you a soulmate and you will be thrilled when you discover who this is. Music that is rich in memories plays when a new, very different potential partner arrives in your life. Creating a living space that looks so inviting makes you feel good and something you design at home holds clues to a new career.

But with Mars in your work zone, you might have to put a romance on temporary hold to have maximum success.

Planetary Row

You untangle complicated emotions and find a simple, genuine relationship is more rewarding than any fairytale. The moon in your opposite sign of Leo links up with the sun to forge a relationship that thrives on rows and reconciliation.

Daily Horoscope Monday February 18th | Jessica Adams

Brilliant ideas for updating your home flow freely and even you are surprised at how special these projects are. The waiting is over, as opportunities line up and you have the strength and energy to say yes to the most challenging ones. You take the lead in romance and someone you would once have considered out of your league turns out to be your perfect partner. Sign in.