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No matter where she goes your Libra daughter is generous to a fault. In this you may need to give your daughter some boundaries of what constitutes safety with strangers. When it comes to socializing nothing gets your daughter more excited than a party. Libras have serious potential as party planners even at a young age.

As a parent one of the most heartbreaking things about your Libra daughter is that her sense of justice is a very large burden in a world that is often anything BUT just. Have a good batch of cookies and a shoulder ready after school. Alternatively some Libra boys turn away from a more assertive approach and simply watch things unfold from the sidelines until it seems safe to come out. Both characteristics have value to the Libra personality. One thing your Libra boy understands very well, however, is how to be a good friend.

They have grand social skills including a gift of gab normally attributed more to little girls. One of their more lovely personality traits is that they truly want the best for the people about whom they care about.

The Sun in Libra

If anything goes awry, particularly bias or injustice, they become a fast, supportive friend even after everything resolves itself. It is a mindful choice and one that he honors diligently. One of the amazing things to watch in Libra boys is their aptitude for creating compromise and getting people to work together. The hard part is helping him to realize that life includes conflict and differences of opinion. He strives so hard to look at both sides that he may stall out completely, feeling lost in confusion.

This is not the time to become impatient with him. He needs you as a trusted ear so he can talk through his quandary. Libra loves praise and reward and it shows in how they respond. So, keep the vision of the scales in your mind. Balance is what your Libra child brings to the world but they are also here to better learn this trait as well. Some other things you can expect from your Libra son include artistic interest, a nearly neurotic love of organization and cleaning, an a gravitation toward music. Include some of these ideas when making a space for your child.

Number Vibration Numerology: 6. Libra Element: Air. Libra Flower: Rose , Cosmos, Hydrangeas. Libra Color: Indigo Blue. Chakra: Heart Anahata. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Dog. Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Dog. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

He is urbane and refined. He has a penchant for beautiful things like jewels, sleek cars, and shiny gadgets. He also likes beautiful people, and the Libra man is in his prime at cocktail parties, the ballet, or the theater. He is suave and charming, and will always know just the right thing to say in any circumstance. The Libra man is a man of aesthetics, with a keen eye for beauty in people, objects, music, and words.

Love is the ultimate expression of emotion to the Libra man. An incorrigible romantic, he loves being in love. A Libra man in love is someone who has found the secret to perfect harmony. He wears his heart on both his sleeves — just to keep things even — and falls in love very easily.

Libra Child Table of Contents

Leading you on would just be unfair. In between the sheets, Libra men are generous lovers. A typical Libra man wants to please and be pleased. Sex provides Libra men with a double dose of pleasure — in the giving of it, and in the receiving.

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It is a win-win situation and exactly the sort of outcome the Scales like to engineer. You will find the Libra man eager for seduction, foreplay, and some dirty talk. He is as charming in the bedroom as he is out of it, and he is a sensual and sentimental lover.

Expect to find rose petals strewn on the silk bedspread, champagne, and waltzing in the moonlight. A Libra man feels most complete when he is in a relationship and he will work hard to ensure it lasts. He treasures stability and equilibrium with his partner. Impartial and earnest, Librans mean well and would never use their words to hurt or wound on purpose.

He is generally considered most compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Leo. See also Sun sign compatibility.

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However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs. For example, how do your Venus signs compare? Find out Venus signs here.

Libra Man in Love & Relationships | Keen

Discover Venus sign compatibility here. With a set of scales as his Zodiac symbol, it makes perfect sense that the Libra man needs an equal balance of fairness and order in his world. The Libra man will go to great lengths to avoid conflict and achieve calmness in his life. He is objective, fair, and can always see both sides of every argument. The Libra man struggles with an indecisive nature and his fear of making the wrong decision will sometimes stop him from making any decision at all. The Libra man can often be frivolous in his spending and will have a tendency to over-indulge himself on the finer things in life.

An expensive purchase may frequently be made out of desire and not necessity. Despite his sometimes impractical tendencies, the Libra man will exercise sound logic and make plans to secure a financial future by mixing short-term high-yield investments to his otherwise stable portfolio. Wearing a suit, it will probably be accented with a lavender tie for harmony.

The Libra man is fortunate to have a good eye for fine art and trendy clothing. He enjoys the luxuries of a stylish watch, diamond ring, and gold cufflinks. Although his budget may not always allow it, he does enjoy taking those expensive cars for a test drive. Legitimately optimistic, the Libra man will look past the flaws of a person and see the good in almost every individual he meets.

How to be a Libra

The Libra man is a refined diplomat whose charm and outgoing personality make him a favorite wherever he goes. Attractive and easygoing, this man has no problem finding a date for dinner. If he could travel back in time, the Libra man would imagine himself in a shining coat of armor, his gallant steed carrying him off to save a damsel in distress.